Anxiety Insomnia Treatment

Anxiety Insomnia Treatment

Anxiety can keep you awake at night; sometimes giving you panic attacks, nightmares which all lead to trouble sleeping and chronic insomnia. Anxiety insomnia treatment ranges from the pharmaceutical, such as drugs containing the widely used Benzodiazepines although they have many side effects including dependency and daytime sleepiness.

Symptoms of anxiety insomnia include racing thoughts, chronic fear and worry. Anxiety can trigger the release of chemicals in the brain that speeds up breathing and your heart rate; caffeine can also contribute to these factors. So avoid caffeine near bedtime. These are some beneficial advise for you to keep your sleep normal and healthy, but when i feel that these tips might not working on me now, then i start usingĀ Somnapure as the treatment of my sleep disorders.

Behavior modification is a good place to start with anxiety insomnia. You can set aside time for your worries and do not take them to bed with you. Or write them down in a journal and keep them out of the bedroom. Say to yourself once you cross your bedroom door there will be no more worrying about whatever it is that is bothering you. Set aside the time and a place where worrying is all you do and make sure it is not close to bedtime and it takes place in a different room then your bedroom.

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Other behavior modifications include limiting stimulation before bedtime such as exciting books and television, caffeine and alcohol and anything that would upset your stomach. Instead reach for herbal teas that soothe the mind and body. Take a warming bath approximately a half hour before retiring to help you fall asleep. And a glass of milk, either warm or cold, contains tryptophan an amino acid that has been shown to induce sleep. It is the same thing found in turkey.

If all else fails see your doctor and he or she might prescribe an antidepressant treatment that has lower side effects than the sleep aids containing Benzodiazepines. Some antidepressants help with the anxiety which is the underlying cause of anxiety insomnia treatment for many people.

Plus, if you’d rather not take any prescriptions pills, which can lead to nasty side effects, then we highly recommend you try the latest non-prescription sleeping pills. For example you can even get a FREE Trial bottle of Somnapure which helps with milder forms of Insomnia. Get yours today before they shut down this offer.

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