Firmestra Review

Firmestra Review


FirmestraThere are thousands of women every year who subject themselves to medical risk by undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Today, thanks to breast enhancement supplements like Firmestra, surgery is not your only choice for bigger, firmer and more shapely breasts.

Firmestra is among the hundreds of breast enlargement products available in the market today which contains a blend of herbs and natural compounds that are proven to stimulate hormonal changes that lead to increase in breast size. Firmestra was developed and formulated by Dr. Geraldine Harper who has been studying herbs for more than 20 years now. Let us take a look at some of the active ingredients in Firmestra that makes it capable of producing such a desirable effect.


Firmestra Ingredients

Firmestra contains a blend of herbal ingredients that are known to be safe for daily consumption. Although safe does not always mean effective, all of its ingredients are known to be FDA-approved. Among its ingredients include Fenugreek and Fennel which are said to contain phytoestrogens that can stimulate growth of new breast tissues, as well as Dong Quai Damiana and Wild Yam which also have hormone balancing effects. These ingredients are fairly familiar to those who have taken breast enhancement pills before as these herbs are pretty standard. The major difference that makes a brand unique is the corresponding amounts, purity and ratio by which the ingredients have been formulated.


What Results to Expect with Firmestra

What results can you expect? Firmestra promises an increase in firmness within 2 months of use. Henceforth, women are promised to see visible increase in breast size after 3 months of indicated use. It also claims to boost libido and sex drive in women, and to intensify orgasms as natural side effects.


Does Firmestra Work?

Firmestra’s website features a range of positive feedback purportedly from satisfied customers. True enough, they all report increase not only in breast size and firmness, and increased sexual drive. There are however, no clinical studies that can back up these claims. In fact, if you take a look at their active ingredients, there seem to be no component proven to directly affect the libido.

Moreover, while Firmestra claims to be a “revolutionary breakthrough” breast enlargement supplement, there is nothing “highly advanced” about their herbal formula. They contain pretty much the same ingredients as other breast pills available in the market. A month supply costs $69.99 plus shipping, which is a few bucks more expensive than average. But does more expensive mean better formulation? We can never find out for sure, unless you try it yourself.


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