GenBrain Scam

GenBrain – Increases Brain and Memory Power? Is It Real?

That seems to be a popular question today, with the ever increasing demands of education and work environments, more and more people are looking for that edge to push them over the top.

Today we are reviewing the GenBrain supplement, focusing on what it is, how it works, what is in it, how to take it, what’s good about it and what’s bad about it. So with that said, let’s get started.


What is GenBrain

GenBrain is a relatively new product that is meant to assist the brain at remaining focused throughout the day. This product, which is a fully balanced nootropic, contains nutrients that help your brain to perform at its highest possible level. The idea is that most people only use a small percentage of their brain’s power because they are not able to unlock it completely.

Those who use GenBrain report they are able to clear the mental fog that stands between them and using their brain’s full potential. While there are some questions regarding the effectiveness of GenBrain, the majority of those who use it experience unparalleled mental drive and focus. Many also experience lucid dreams, which are part of your brain’s true potential.

How it Works

Anti-oxidants, such as AC-11, help to reduce the mental fog that you experience by removing toxins from your brain. When all of these ingredients come together, it creates GenBrain, which is truly changing the way that users think and perform mentally on a daily basis.GenBrain works by increasing the acetylcholine levels in your brain through the use of GPC choline and Huperzia Serrata. It also uses other ingredients to elevate your dopamine and GABA levels, which are what help you to keep focused, driven and mentally calm. The presence of vinpocetine is also important because it helps deliver oxygen to your brain, which keeps it functioning at a high level.


The Ingredients

While some questions have been raised regarding the ingredients in this product, everything is completely natural and the company states it will not do any damage to your brain. In fact, the long-term benefits are significant, as GPC choline has been linked to the prevention of Alzheimer’s, vinpocetine has been linked to increased circulation in your brain and mucuna prureins is associated with the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. Putting these nutrients into your body daily has a noticeable effect on your cognitive ability, but the fact that it can help prevent these serious diseases is a great bonus for those who use GenBrain regularly.


Daily Usage

The suggested use of GenBrain depends on your goals. When starting off, the recommended dosage is one capsule in the morning with breakfast. Try this for a few weeks to see if anything changes. If you do not see a noticeable difference, trying taking two capsules with breakfast for a few days. By this time, you should begin seeing a change in your ability to stay focused. When you wake up in the morning, you will find that your brain functions at a high level immediately. This is because you will not have the fogginess that most people wake up with and that can follow you throughout the day.

Keep in mind that larger individuals might need to take three capsules in the morning, but you should not exceed that number over a 24-hour period. If you are interested in lucid dreaming, you can take an additional capsule about six hours before you go to sleep. This will create a state where you are aware that you are dreaming and can exhibit full control over your actions in the dream.


The key to GenBrain is that it is a completely balanced nootropic. The problem with many supplements of this type is that they try to do too much, rather than working directly with your brain and giving it what it needs to reach its potential. GenBrain does not alter your mind beyond its own capacity, it just gives you the tools to take your brain to this new level.

When you wake up in the morning after taking GenBrain the previous day, you should feel 100 percent alert and not struggle to get your day started. This is important if you must head to work in the morning, as you do not want to waste the first half of your day getting your brain up to speed. The faster you can get yourself focused in the morning, the better you will perform overall and the more your bosses will notice you at work. From increased productivity to promotions, there are countless reasons why using GenBrain may be a good idea for you.

This product is also great for students, as mental fog can be a major hindrance when preparing for exams or finishing an essay. If you find yourself unable to concentrate and unsure about what is wrong with your brain, the truth is that it is simply not fulfilling its potential.

By unlocking your brain with this product, you work at the highest level throughout the school year, while having great, lucid dreams that can actually help you in school. Some users are able to create the premise for their schoolwork as they sleep, so all they have to do when they wake up is put it on paper. If that is the direction that you wish to take your dreams, there is nothing stopping you once you have totally unlocked your brain.



As with anything else, it is possible to come across a negative GenBrain review or two on the internet. Many of these criticisms center on the effectiveness of the product by people who did not receive the intended results. This can occur with a number of different products, as not everyone loses weight when using a weight loss product, as there are sometimes other variables involved.

The truth of the matter, however, is the majority of people who use GenBrain experience some sort of cognitive improvement. As a result, one has to think that many who did not experience these improvements were either expecting too much or did not follow the directions on the package. Those who have seen the movie “Limitless” will remember that the main character unlocks his brain’s full potential by taking a pill. GenBrain is not like this drug, as it will not change the chemical balance in your brain. While GenBrain can help you to reach your potential, it is not a miracle drug that will turn you into a genius overnight.



The Overall Experience

In the end, GenBrain does exactly what it says it will do by improving your ability to focus and keeping your head clear. Lucid dreaming is a rather unique state and although it is not experienced by everyone, it is quite special when it does occur. Make sure that you focus on what the product does do when reading any GenBrain review, as that is the most important aspect of this product. Taking GenBrain can help you to focus, anticipate and deliver like never before, making it worth a try for anyone who wants to improve his or her brain function.


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