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Probio 7 The Key to Your Digestive and Over All Health

Do You Think The Following Probiotic Strains Still Work?

Strains Like L. acidophilus, L. casei, B. longum, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium breve has got a lot of benefits and many supplements in the market contain these but why do they still not help ?  Do you really want to know that why you have wasted your money so far on these strains?  Research shows that these strains simply get destroyed as soon as they reach the sea of gastric acid in your stomach.  That is why many of us complain gastric problems even after consuming all these strains.  So the next Question is “What Should I Consume then?”.  The Answer is Probio 7, But why should you consume only Probio 7?  You will Learn here in this article in detail why Probio 7 is the only good probiotic supplement.

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Why do I Need Probiotics to be Healthy?

Since we are born we are exposed to probiotics. During birth the newborn travels the birth canal and absorbs beneficial bacteria from his mother, which initiates the colonization of the same in the baby’s intestinal tract. Recent research shows that many babies born by caesarean section do not enjoy good health. It is possible that the reason is that they have not been exposed during childbirth to the beneficial bacteria of the mother, which would have served to colonize their intestinal tract.

Throughout our lives the beneficial bacteria of the intestine are exposed to numerous threats: chlorinated water, processed food, toxins …

The beneficial bacteria of the intestinal tract can only provide optimal health if the perfect balance is maintained between the different types of bacteria in the intestine. For this, probiotics are of great help, not only for the intestinal tract but for health in general As in the case of Probio 7. Remember that 80% of the immune system resides in the intestine. Probiotics in the market contain different types of bacteria, the most common being Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Why Should I Only take Probio 7

Probio 7 Contains DE-111 TM of the Bacillus Subtilis which was discovered by Dr. Hiroki Ishiguro an year ago.  This Probiotic strain helps the safe delivery and guarantee the life of other beneficial probiotic strains into your stomach.  But in case of other probiotic supplements the useful bacteria dies as soon as it reaches your stomach,  because the stomach acids are so strong that they can kill almost anything easily.

The Key benefits of Probio 7 are the following:

Help in the digestion of food, especially hard to digest foods

Intervene in the synthesis of Group B Vitamins and improve the absorption of calcium

Maintain a healthy balance in the intestinal flora

Keep the vaginal flora of women in perfect condition

In general strengthen the immune system

How Does Probio 7 Work?

The Probio 7 formula is different from other probiotic supplements in the market in its nature.  As the other supplements in market simply delivers probiotics to your stomach which gets destroyed without providing any health benefits to your body.  But Probio 7 has got the unique trade mark strain called DE-111 TM of the Bacillus Subtilis which helps not only the safe delivery of probiotics to your stomach but also helps them stay alive and function well against the bad bacteria.

Probio 7 Ingredients

Following are the key ingredients contained in Probio 7:

DE-111 TM of the Bacillus Subtilis

The Probiotic Strain that is only contained in Probio 7 no other supplement in the market got this beneficial strain as it is researched and trade marked by the manufacturer.  It helps ensures the safety of other healthy bacteria while they are transported to the stomach and also makes sure they survive in the hard acidic atmosphere of human stomach.


Outstanding amongst other strains of probiotics that exist is Lactobacillus acidophilus. Like Lactobacillus brevis, this strain of probiotic happens normally in the body. It not just advances the soundness of the stomach related tract and the invulnerable framework, yet additionally helps in the generation of lactase. This could offer a few advantages to individuals with lactose narrow mindedness. Some exploration recommends that L. acidophilus can likewise be useful for cardiovascular wellbeing by bringing down cholesterol.

It likewise keeps up a sound adjust of the microscopic organisms in your stomach related tract by creating vitamin K, lactase, acidolphine, acidolin, bacteriocins and lactocidin. Along these lines, Lactobacillus acidophilus helps your body normally separate lactose into basic sugars. It even tweaks the capacity of the invulnerable framework. A few investigations even propose that it might offer some assistance with urinary tract diseases, peevish gut disorder and bacterial inefficiencies caused by anti-infection agents.


The Lactobacillus casei, or L Casei, is a microorganism that lives in the mouth, vagina and in the intestines, it does not affect the organism, rather it benefits it.

It is a bacterium that produces lactic acid, it is used in the dairy industry in the production of probiotic dairy foods (that is, it is used in the assistance for the propagation of other desirable bacteria).

Being favorable for digestion, reduce lactose intolerance, help the intestine function properly and avoid infectious diarrhea, food industries, especially dairy, saw in it a profitable utility and incorporated it into their functional foods.

B. Longum

Studies affirm the numerous advantages of bifidobacterium longum in people.

Notwithstanding its wellbeing expanding impacts inside our stomach related tract, B. longum have likewise been appeared to diminish cholesterol in two routes: in the first place, by joining cholesterol into its film; and the second, by stifling the reabsorption of bile acids that add to cholesterol in the body.

As a probiotic, Bifidobacterium longum attempts to hinder and diminish irritation inside the body.

In the colon, Bifidobacterium longum produces catalysts to process materials that generally spoil and cause irritation or other malady forms.

L. Plantarum

It attempts to keep up an adjust of good and terrible microbes, and it does as such while it assists with assimilation and streamlining of vitamin and mineral levels. Actually,

can really integrate a few supplements, for example, L-lysine.

It might be helpful in decreasing bacterial translocation, an advantage relies upon bacterial grip to the intestinal divider.

Anti-infection agents are turning into an inexorably basic individual from contaminations gained in the healing facility, and as indicated by the examination of the Lactobacillus plantarum they can be useful Since anti-infection agents exhaust the common intestinal greenery, it opens the route for spore-framing microorganisms to taint and multiply. An investigation has demonstrated supplementation with L. plantarum can lessen the occurrence of the infection related with Clostridium difficile in hospitalized patients after the organization of anti-infection agents.

Notwithstanding this advantage, It can likewise diminish the gastrointestinal reactions normally connected with anti-infection agents.

L. Rhamnosus

Studies with the strain of Lactobacillus bacteria suggest that their supplementation may decrease feelings of anxiety or relieve symptoms of depression. The combination of these probiotics with prebiotics also has important benefits in terms of mood. One study suggests that taking L. rhamnosus could counteract weight gain and diabetes, and there are a large number of studies examining the benefits of using them as a treatment for gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.  Another study suggests a relationship between good bacteria and seasonal allergies, in particular, with hay fever.

Now, something curious about L. rhamnosus, is that he likes hard conditions. Anyone who has had acid reflux knows that stomach acid can cause discomfort. Well, this probiotic strain really thrives on an acid stomach. If you are looking for something to strengthen your overall immune function, L. rhamnosus could help you. A promising study suggests that this strain could be as useful as an antibiotic for the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Bifidobacterium breve

Bifidobacterium breve is a strain of probiotic bacteria found naturally in the adult digestive tract and healthy baby. This probiotic produces lactic and acetic acids that help break down food including non-digestible plant fibers.

Lowering the pH of the intestinal tract, This probiotic also helps to inhibit the growth of pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and supports the immune system. Brief is used to relieve diarrhea, intestinal gas and reduce irritation of the intestine. It is also used to treat the symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and to treat allergic conditions.

Bifidobacterium breve is also found in the vagina and helps prevent fungal infections caused by Candida albicans. There are a number of different probiotic supplements that contain B. breve and you can also find naturally in some fermented foods, such as yogurt.

FDA GAMP Approved

Probio 7 contains only ingredients which are approved by FDA and GAMP.  The ingredients are supported  by clinical studies for improving human health,  Which makes Probio 7 the most effective and safe Probiotic Supplement.

Porbio 7 Dosage

A recommended dosage of Probio 7 is One to Three capsules every day so that you get enough probiotic diet for your body to stay energetic and healthy.

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